“The new normal”

7th February 2019

Person-centred care should take into account people’s care preferences. This study used in-depth interviews to explore what might influence frail older people’s preferences for their care. We found that in the context of recent acute illness, people’s preferences were influenced by a desire to  achieve normality, either by ‘getting back to normal’ or where this wasn’t possible, seeking a ‘new normal’. The illness and care context, and the social context were also important influences on preferences. Clinicians could make use of these findings by considering what might be an achievable normal for their patients, and discussing preferences in the context of this achievable normal. You can listen to a podcast about this paper by lead author Dr Simon Etkind by visiting the Sage Publications website here: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/suppl/10.1177/0269216318817706

Etkind SN, Lovell N, Nicholson C, Higginson IJ and Murtagh FEM. Finding a new normal following acute illness: a qualitative study of influences on frail older people’s care preferences. Palliative medicine 2018. (published online ahead of print) https://doi.org/10.1177/0269216318817706