The consortium of EURO IMPACT was set up to bridge the gap between individual institutes providing palliative care research training in Europe. The different disciplines, professions and research domains as well as the different sectors – academia and non-academic sectors – involved in palliative care in Europe are represented in order to move the scientific field of palliative care to a higher level and into practice.  The consortium is made up of institutions from The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and the UK.

While international research on dying and palliative care has begun to develop over the past decades, it has not been able to keep pace with the growing demand for high quality palliative care in developed countries. The increase in life expectancy, proportion of elderly people, chronic diseases, and consequently the growing rise of health care costs, makes the provision of palliative care one of the most important and urgent societal challenges at EU level.

Lara PivodicThe general aim of EURO IMPACT is to develop an educational and research training framework in Europe aimed at monitoring and improving the quality of palliative care in Europe.

Meetings and lectures organised by the Cicely Saunders Institute have given me many opportunities to learn from brilliant researchers and practitioners in palliative care.  I am certain that this experience will help me greatly to achieve my professional goals for the future, one of which is to continue doing palliative care research from a public health perspective on how to improve and extend options for end of life care in Europe.”

Lara Pivodic, Marie Curie PhD Research Training Fellow in the Euro Impact project.