Exercise programmes for people with COPD and frailty

3rd June 2020

People living with both chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and frailty have high potential to benefit from exercise-based interventions, including pulmonary rehabilitation, but face challenges completing them. Research to understand ways to optimise exercise-based interventions in this group is lacking. Researchers based at the Cicely Saunders Institute aimed to understand how exercise-based interventions might improve outcomes for people living with both COPD and frailty.

People with COPD and frailty may hold negative beliefs about themselves and exercise-based interventions, particularly when they have frequent and unpredictable disruptions in their health. The team conducted a realist review, in collaboration with key stakeholders, to understand how people with COPD and frailty can get the most from exercise-based interventions.

The review identified that it was important to establish trusting relationships and create a shared understanding of physical, psycho-social and emotional needs to provide individualised exercises that are delivered flexibly.

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Brighton LJEvans CJ, Man WDC, Maddocks M (2020) Improving exercise-based interventions for people living with both COPD and frailty: a realist review. International Journal of COPD, 15: 841-855.