BETTER-B: Supporting patients with breathlessness in the pandemic

1st July 2020

Currently around 15 million people in Europe are affected by breathlessness, an experience that is often described as traumatising for patients and those close to them. New treatments for breathlessness are urgently needed as there is currently no licensed drug for the management of chronic breathlessness and the symptom can persist even when the underlying condition is optimally treated.

The need for research into breathlessness has become even more urgent as many patients with COVID-19 experience breathlessness, along with other symptoms. Read more about the CS Institute’s support on COVID-19.

The BETTER-B programme aims to significantly improve the treatment of severe breathlessness in patients with advanced disease by establishing whether Mirtazapine, currently used as an antidepressant, is an effective treatment to reduce severe breathlessness even when people are not depressed. Read more about the programme on the BETTER-B website

In the latest issue of the BETTER-B newsletter you can find out how the BETTER-B consortium have been supporting people with breathlessness during the COVID-19 pandemic, hear about the progress of the BETTER-B project over the last six months, and find out more about BETTER-B Australia. You can subscribe to the newsletter here