Better-B: latest newsletter

12th July 2021

Breathlessness is one of the most common symptoms affecting patients.  It impairs the ability to undertake the activities of daily living, reduces social contact and in more advanced disease becomes more isolating (patients cannot talk).  Breathlessness is a frequent cause of hospital admissions.

The BETTER-B programme aims to significantly improve the treatment of severe breathlessness in patients with advanced disease by establishing whether Mirtazapine, currently used as an antidepressant, is an effective treatment to reduce severe breathlessness even when people are not depressed.

Better-B’s Lead investigator for the project in Ireland, Professor Karen Ryan, of University College Dublin said:

The Better-B project is one of the best kinds of clinical trials …  one which addresses a problem that is of huge importance to a large number of people and where the results are likely to immediately have an impact on patient care.

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The BETTER-B research programme is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.  It is part of a wider 15-year programme of breathlessness research funded by Cicely Saunders International. 

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