Light For Cicely : an introduction

Cicely Saunders International, in collaboration with King’s College London, is the world’s first Institute of Palliative Care - a centre of excellence for research, education, information provision and clinical care.

In association with the Contemporary Art Society, the artist Caroline McCarthy was appointed to make an artwork in response to the legacy of Dame Cicely Saunders for permanent display in the main public access area of the new building.

Light For Cicely invited individuals connected to Dame Cicely to send by email a photograph of a lamp in their home. All photographs, along with accompanying words from each contributor, can be viewed here by clicking Slideshow >.

A selection of these photographs has been installed permanently throughout the new Cicely Saunders Institute building, some of which can be viewed by clicking Installation >.

Family, friends, colleagues and supporters - from Poland, Italy, Norway, Uganda, Pakistan, Ireland, India, the USA and Canada, as well as from the UK - contributed to the project. Their response indicates Cicely Saunders' impact, and indeed continued influence, both at home and internationally.

A hardback book containing all 68 photographs and accompanying words by each contributor is available from Cicely Saunders International. Please contact or 0044 (0)20 7848 5580.